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 Each necklace in made with soft clay from the earth hand molded with love and joy into a one of kind necklace vase. The vase can hold water and is designed to be filled with fresh springs, leaves, flowers, or any other treasure you wish to carry close to your heart.  Once each piece is the perfect shape it is bisque fired and then glazed with a shining white glaze. The final touch to bring magic to each piece is the 14k gold accents . The chain is 14 k gold coated and shines bright like the summer sun.

White Ceramic Vase Necklace

pic alisha .jpg
pic alisha .jpg

White Ceramic Vase Necklace


*White Ceramic vase, hand molded and coated with white glaze.

* Gold coated oval chain. 

* wire wrapped with gold coated wire. 

Chain Length:
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